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Line of Business

Etilux has always wanted to meet its customers’ requirements while following the market evolution

To guarantee the following up and the quality of its services combined with its products, one structure per department has been created.

Adhesives and Industrial Consumables

This department is specialized in the scalable technologies in the industrial fields such as bonding, packaging, protection and masking.

Identification and Marking

This department proposes all the label identification solution types and materials.The various marking techniques contribute to enhance the reputation that Etilux has created. Etilux offers a wide range of standard products but also meets your requirements regarding tailor-made labels manufacturing.

The division ‘Labelling and barcoding solutions’ meets the more and more precise needs in terms of traceability and required management in all the industrial and distribution fields. Within the departement exists an RFID ‘cell’ specialized in this new traceability technology.

Computer Consumables

This department produces or distributes consumables dedicated to the various office printers as well as computer backup consumables.

Professional Audiovisual

In collaboration with the great brands, thanks to its experience an to its team professional aptitudes, the audiovisual department appears as a promoter and a coordinator of huge audiovisual projects within walloon, national and international institutions. That is how conference room automation, professional PA system advices constitute our added value service competence.

Moreover, to meet punctual customers requirements, Etilux also offers a renting audiovisual equipment service.

Printed Administrative and advertising Commercials

This department covers a wide range of needs in small businesses and multinationals at the same time; documents, envelopes, binders, folders, desk blotters and relational objects.