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Etilux Environmental Charter

  • The company ETILUX does its best to adopt an ethical behaviour, based on loyal relationships with its customers, employees, suppliers and the civil society as well as a respectful attitude towards the environment.
  • Etilux commits itself to improving work methods in favour of the environment.
  • Etilux makes sure that the reasonable use of vehicles, the purchase of raw materials and products, the provisions of services of its suppliers and partners meet the environmental, health and security requirements in economically, politically and socially acceptable conditions.
  • Etilux wants to promote sustainable products in its range.
  • Each employee will follow a training adapted to his/her function and will have the attention attracted to the environmental requirements and to the implementation of the best work practices in the fields of health and security at work.
  • Etilux also commits itself to promoting products and services with lower impact on the environment by its customers and to reducing its waste production by rationalizing the use of products and materials.
  • The evaluation of the employees takes into account their action in favour of the environment in their professional activity.
  • The employees, in the framework of their functions, will do everything in their power to reduce or to prevent, if possible, the air, soil and water pollution.
  • Etilux commits itself to reducing the energy consumption thanks to the rational use of its buildings, vehicles and equipments. Examples of this commitment are the efforts made in the field of isolation and the development of a photovoltaic project.