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A Brief History…

1972 : In The Beginning

Etilux, a public limited company, set up its head office in the Guillemins district, not far from the Liège railway station, in the Euregio Centre.

1990 : The Big Moving

Etilux moved into new offices situated along the A 602 motorway, a strategic point among the different Belgian trunk roads. This location also offered a higher visibility for our company corporate image.

2000 : New Extension

The new building being already too small, another one linked to the first one with a footbridge is added. On the first floor of this new building you find the audiovisual department. On the second floor, you can find: a conference room with a capacity of 150 people, the staff’s cafeteria and some offices. On the second floor, you find the marketing department and rooms for our salesmen.

The turnover of the company has constantly been growing throughout the years. In 1967, the company turnover raised up to 1,240 Euros; it went up to 5,600,000 Euros in 1989 and finally 16,600,000 Euros in 2003.

2004 : Etilux weaves its net

An updated version of the Internet website is created. This version is available in 6 different languages: French, English, Dutch, German, Spanish and Italian. The main goal of this website is to offer a wide catalogue of our products and services.

1987 : The Big Challenge

To satisfy its national ambitions, Etilux opened a branch office in the Belgian capital: Brussels, the centre of Europe. In fact, over the years, sales in the north of the country have constantly been growing.

1997 : Internet

Etilux has always wanted to be a forerunner regarding the Internet. The first version of the website has been created in 1997.

2003 : And a Third One…

A third building has been built in 2003 to store the Etilux archives. It also incorporates the Etibat offices and showing room. Etibat is a subsidiary company which business is indoor and outdoor protections.

2008 : E - tilux

2008: new Internet website launching, an E-business launch pad but, at the same time, a show case of our wide range of services that point up the know-how developed by Etilux over the years.

27 Years of Exporting Experience

Since 1981, Etilux intensively develops its exportations activities. In 2003, 39% of the turnover has been realized outside Belgium in more than 40 countries.

Etilux has always considered that exporting is a fundamental factor for the company growth. To guarantee a quality service similar to this applied in Belgium, it it created an ‘export’ department that meets the demands coming from around the world in 6 languages. In 2007, 52 % of the global turnover has been realized by the export department.