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" A maximum of progress in a minimum of time ", that is the leïtmotiv of the “Ceran” method which proposes linguistic stays ( in English, French, Dutch, Spanish, German and Japanese) in total immersion in centres located everywhere in Europe.

Internet Website: www.ceran-us.com


The Walloon Union of Companies is a private organization whose primary goal is" to promote and to support the company, the engine oil of the economic and social well-being of the Region ". It is the official spokesman of the industrial, commercial and service-based firms of any sizes, located in Wallonia.

Internet Website: www.uwe.be


GS1 Belgium and Luxemburg set itself the task" to develop and promote standards in automatic identification and in communication ". The objective of its action is to harmonize and to make more effective the streams of goods and information between companies.

Internet Website: www.gs1belu.org



The group is an unique cooperation network which brings together 1500 owners/directors and candidate directors of small and medium-sized entreprises, in more than 200 clubs in Quebec, New Brunswick & Belgium.  Together, the group members have a total of 30 000 years of experience, they share among them to help everyone to succeed.  That's what we call the big group club.

Internet Website : www.groupement.ca



Agoria comprises the companies of the technological industry. It commits itself for the future of these companies and of the 300.000 people who work in them. Agoria is the partner of 1400 companies whose activities are based on the technological industry. The federation and its 230 co-workers offer to its members information, concrete services and advices.

Internet Website www.agoria.be


Cluster is an important set of resources and infrastructures concentrated in a buoyant environment. They develop and maintain an information department which allows anyone to find the contacts that they are looking for in the sector of TIC.

Internet Website: www.ict-cluster.be


The Walloon Agency in Export and foreign Investments ( AWEX ) is the department of the Walloon Region in charge of the promotion of foreign trade and the reception of foreign investors.

Internet Website awex.wallonie.be


The Federation of Belgian Companies (FBE) is the only interprofessional employers' organization which represents both small, average and big companies of the three Regions of the country. The ground of action of the FBE includes all the fields of activity of companies and mainly deals with economic, social, fiscal and legal subjects as well as European and international matters.

Internet Website: www.vbo-feb.be

Wallonie Entreprendre

"Wallonie Entreprendre" mainly aims at developing a network of experimented entrepreneurs, involved in the economic and social life of their region and willing to advise company creators or fixers by means of a sponsorship.

Internet Websitewww.wallonie-entreprendre.be/


“The chicken that makes the difference”. Created in June 2002, at the instigation of the Department of Animal Productions of the Veterinarian Faculty of Medicine of the University of Liège and the private sector, CoqArd LC focuses on animal production. In order to rediscover the quality and the flavour of the poultry farms of our former days, the race coming from the region called “ Les Ardennes” and that is characterized by a gold and silver collar was selected.

Internet Website www.coqard.be


Liège Demain ( Liège Tomorrow ) is an informal group of more than 650 people (of both genders). They are: citizens, people in charge of companies and of public and private institutions of the “Country of Liège”, active in economic, social, scientific, cultural domains … They are intent on bringing concretely, through working Groups and Projects, a specific and collective contribution to the development of the “Country of Liège” and to the improvement of its image and its fame.

Internet Website:www.liegedemain.be

CCILg - The Chamber of Commerce of Liège - Verviers - Namur

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Liège and Verviers is an independent association that groups together a maximum of companies of the areas of Huy-Waremme, Liège and Verviers, and that proposes its asssistance and services to its Members, of any size and any sector.

Internet Website www.ccilg.be


Pack in Liège is an initiative of cluster in packaging in the province of Liège that was created in favour of manufacturers from Liège of the aforementioned sector and in partnership with them.

Internet Websitewww.liegeonline.be/packinliege/


DREAM is a project addressed to the 16-to-19-year-old young people and to their teachers. The objective of DREAM is to help the youth to build their professional future on base of their talents, their passions and their dreams. Because "passion is the greatest profession in the world "!

Internet Website:www.dreamday.be


Belpress.com is an on-line picture library “made in Belgium”! It proposes a vast collection of images of Wallonia and of Belgium.

Internet Website: www.belpress.com


The French Chamber of Liège was founded in 1895, ten years after the creation, in Brussels, of the French Chamber of Business and Industry of Belgium.

To facilitate the contacts within the Franco-Belgian business community and to contribute to the development of the exchanges between our two countries constitute the main missions of the French Chambers of Business and Industry in Belgium.

The friendship built up in the course of history between France and the South of Wallonia found its natural expression in both economic and cultural relations. Nowadays, France is the the most important market for Wallonia. France and Wallonia share the same language, the same culture and the same consuming habits. In the current economic context, to unite its forces is more than ever an imperative.

The geographical neighbourhood and the cultural affinities between France and the provinces of Liège and Luxemburg are assets which the French Chamber of Business and Industry is determined to value to the advantage of all.

Internet Website www.cfcill.be

Logistics in Wallonia

Logistics in Wallonia is the Transport and Logistics Centre of Competence, created to promote the transport and logistics sector of Wallonia both within the country and abroad, by coordinating activities, by defining a common strategy and by optimising human and technological resources. Etilux is a member of Logistics in Wallonia.

Internet Website: http://www.logisticsinwallonia.be

Craft Engineering

For more than 18 years, Craft Engineering is specialized in the study and the manufacture of autonomous and mobile oxygen production plants with a cylinders filling system for medical, industrial and military use. CRAFT® plants are references for “turn-key” solutions against oxygen shortage.

Internet Website: http://www.craft-engineering.com/