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Inkjet Marking


High definition inkjet coding systems

APLINK MR-780, MR-1400 Industrial inkjet coding systems

Coding systems for industrial environments.
The APLINK MR are high resolution inkjet coding systems, developed by UBS. They combine a high printing quality to an economical technology.
Those high resolution inkjet coding systems offer an alternative to labelling but also guarantee an optimal, fast and economical printing : from 70 to 140 mm high in 180 dpi.
Their technical and computing specifications simplify an autonomous use with integration and marking operations automation possibilities.

The APLink industrial inks give a contrast printing and a perfect definition. Those vegetable oil-based inks are available in black, red, yellow,... A new formulation of UV curing inks offers a high quality marking and an additional guarantee for an optimal barcode rereading.

APLINK UV Series UV inkjet coding systems

High resolution system developed for codification on all types of surfaces.
Aplink UV integrates a UV curing system which provides a high definition printing on all types of secondary packagings such as cardboard boxes, glossy boxes and even plastic. A resolution of 180 or 360 DPI at a speed of 30 m/minute on a maximal height of 70 mm enables its integration in all production lines. It is also possible to print horizontally in both directions (left-right / right-left). The Aplink MR & UV include a powerful WYS/WYG interface, a 5.7" colour touchscreen for an intuitive graphic environment

Citronix Ci series printing systems

The Citronix Ci series printing systems enable a fast, reliable and non-contact printing on a wide variety of surfaces.
The Citronix Ci series printing systems are used in a lot of sectors such as food and drink industries, paper industry, domestic products, confectionery, bakery trade, automotive industry, lumber and mail service.
These systems can print from 1 to 5 high quality text lines, graphics and barcodes.
IP55 and IP65 are robust industrial frames in stainless steel, which enable you to use the systems in extreme production conditions. The compartments for electronic components and fluids are completely isolated and ventilated to guarantee a secure functioning.
The Ci series systems also propose the exclusive print function: Pixel Plus. An intelligent and integrated control of the pixels offers the possibility to select the size of the (65 or 75 microns) ink droplets, to choose between the different print sizes. The print heights go from 1.5 mm to 12 mm to print small or larger bold characters. The inks are available for a wide variety of surfaces or conditions. The instant curing inks or the ecological inks are adapted to all kinds of applications.