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Resin Labels : Give Relief to Your Labels

Our resin labels, also called resin dome labels or domed labels, are a durable communication mean which gives an achieved aspect and a perfect 3D effect thanks to the glowing resin.

Our dome resin labels: a quality image for your brand

Our resin labels are used in different lines of business: distribution, computing, electrical goods industry, motor industry, cosmetics, etc.

  • Offer a protection against UV
  • Guarantee a durable protection against external agents (water, sun,…),
    against shocks, chemical agents and detergents
  • Flexible and thick, the material is resistant to scratches
  • The labels are flexible and can be applied on curved surfaces.


Resin labels with spherical aspect and magnifying glasses effect are adhesive labels protected by a +/- 1 mm thick polyurethane resin which gives relief while keeping a certain flexibility.
This polyurethane resin can be applied on all kinds of backings: vinyl; PVC; polyester; metal; aluminium.
We can realize every form.
For squares and rectangles, the sharp angles have to be replaced by a 1 mm radius.
For very complex forms, it is better to give us a layout in order to carry out a feasibility study.
The resin stickers are provided in sheets with 3 mm separation between 2 stickers.

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