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Encapsulated Tags for the Saudi Post !

As the RFID technology is now very successful, Etilux took up the challenge a long time ago. In 2005, Etilux participated to one of the biggest RFID projects of the time:
The development of the Saudi Post services in Saudi Arabia.

To avoid long queues due to mail collection in Saudi Arabian post offices, the Saudi Postal Corporation decided to offer its citizens a home service based on the new RFID technology. That project was called ’Wasel Service’.

The letterboxes, fitted with RFID chips, inform the new postmen, equipped with a portable receiver, that they are in front of the good box.

The implementation phase concerned the installation of 1.2 million boxes in 10 months time in the town of Riyadh. In this context, Etilux supplied the order of 1.2 million RFID tags in 2005 and 2006.

From a technical point of view, the metal letterboxes, made in China, are designed with a place for the RFID tag, which is encapsulated in a plastic housing to limit the interferences between metal and tag.

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