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Site survey : Wi-Fi solution deployment in an industrial environment

Wi-Fi network deployment

Thanks to the set of wireless communication protocols ruled by the IEEE 802.11 group standards, your Wi-Fi network enables you to wirelessly connect many devices together at a high data rate in your computer network.

Thanks to a secure access, your Wi-Fi network allows you to connect your notebooks, PDA, barcode readers and terminals or every other peripheral to a broadband link (11Mbps or more) in an area of more than 10 metres indoors (usually between about 20 and 50 metres) to an area of several hundreds of meters in an open environment. The constant connection between the computer centre and the mobile peripherals enables a permanent communication.
The principle of data capture via a wireless network (Wi-Fi) consists of replacing the manual data entry on a fixed workstation by the data capture on mobile terminals equipped with encoding interfaces. Mobile applications can be developed in many fields of activity: inventory control, stock entries and withdrawals, order preparation, ticketing, medical diagnosis and pharmacology, production follow-up, preventive maintenance of equipments,...

Site survey : Wi-Fi solution deployment in an industrial environment
The purpose of the " Wireless Site Survey " is to determine :

  • the possibility to provide a good radio coverage of all the zones determined by the customer.
  • the number of necessary access points and their locations.
  • the correct location of the existing access points, their verification or their optimization.
  • the type of antenna which enables the most interesting radio coverage as well as a good integration in the existing environment for each wireless access point.
  • a complete wireless integration for data, barcode and for optional telephony

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