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Use of DC Fresh RFID crates

Thanks to electronic communication and to its new distribution center, Delhaize improves its logistic efficiency and significantly reduces the time between the goods delivery by the supplier and the sending of goods to the supermarkets.

Before, the logistic unit was the pallet, today it is the crate. It enables a more efficient logistics. The crates come complete and also leave complete thanks to the small quantities of different products, which can be gathered in the same crate. It is a very important progress in the field of food distribution in Belgium.

A new crate for fresh products has also been especially designed for Delhaize. The main innovation of this crate is its stronger bottom. It enables it to cover long distances on conveyor bands. What is more, the crate can be folded and enable a volume reduction of 79% - when carried empty.

Each crate is individually identified by a unique GRAI (Global Reusable Asset Identifier) barcode and by a RFID tag.

Etilux makes part of this innovation since the beginning. Different prototypes have been proposed and, after some tests along with the crate designer, the solution is an UHF encapsulated tag, which is located in an adapted place and that can be replaced when defective.

Etilux has designed a complete production line for the tags encapsulation, the insertion of the tag in the crate and the programming of the GRAI code on the basis of the tag. After the palletization of 160 crates, the passage under a RFID portal validates the pallet content and creates a SSCC label and sends an EDI file to the pooler.

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