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Choose an Adhesive Tape !

The world of industrial tapes is complex and technical. Etilux has established a department for those products in order to answer your requests as far as bonding is concerned.
Whatever your line of business, our department "Bonding solutions" will find the adhesive that meets your needs, following your criteria.

In our range of adhesive tapes, we make a distinction between two types of adhesive tapes: on the one hand the single coated tapes and on the other hand the double coated tapes.

A. Composition of single and double coated adhesive tapes

When you choose the adhesive tape that meets your needs, it is essential that you carefully choose the backing as well as the adhesive used for your application.

  1. Choose the backing
    • paper
    • vinyl
    • polypropylene (PP)
    • polyethylene (PE)
    • polyurethane (PUR)
    • aluminium film
    • glass fibre
    • polyester
    • cloth
    • PTFE (teflon)
    • foam

    The ideal backing for your application is determined by the use you will make of your adhesive tape; the different temperatures; the constraints it will face and the application conditions.

    A few application typesA few advised backings
    Thin adhesivePolyester
    High temperaturePolyester, aluminium, glass fibre, PTF
    Flame resistance aluminium
    Chemical resistance aluminium, PTFE
    ColourPVC, PE
    Mechanical resistance polyester, glass fibre
    Thermal conductivity aluminium
    Electrical conductivity aluminium, lead, copper
    Outdoor resistance aluminium, PU
    Long-term protection PU
    Anti-vibration PU, PE
    Abrasion and friction resistance PU, PE
    Sealing, fixationfoam
    Cardboard box sealingPVC, PP, PE, paper

  2. Choose the adhesive
  3. When you have determined the backing, it is also essential to choose the adhesive. You choose it according to the application surface of the tape.

    Four common adhesives are:

    • Natural rubber:
      Rubber adhesive is usually used for short-term indoor applications. It offers a great versatility as well as a high tack and initial adhesion.
    • Acrylic adhesive (A):
      Acrylic adhesive is generally used for outdoor applications which require permanent bonding. It is resistant to solvents, humidity and UV. The acrylic adhesive also provides a high final adhesion.
    • Silicone adhesive (S):
      The silicone adhesive is generally used for applications at very high temperatures. It offers an excellent adhesion to low surface energy (LSE) surfaces and to silicone.
    • Hot Melt:
      Universal adhesion to a lot of surfaces. Good initial tack. Can be used for freezing and deep freezing.

B. Applications of single coated and double coated adhesive tapes

Single coated adhesive tapes:

Single coated tapes are generally used for following applications:

Double coated adhesive tapes

Double coated tapes are made of 4 layers: a protector, an adhesive, a film or a foam and another adhesive. They are mainly used for bonding two or more elements.
The adhesive, its thickness and its backing will vary according to the type of elements to bond.

C. Personalizable packaging tapes

We also produce tapes personalized with your company logo. You can personalize PVC or solvent polypropylene tapes in 4 or 5 colours.
PP Hotmelt, PP Acrylate and PP Acrylate High Tack can only be printed in one or two colours.
To personalize your adhesive tapes, you must keep in mind that:

  1. A 40 mm wide logo should be printed on a 50 mm wide tape.
  2. The maximal length of the cliché is 42 cm.

Discover our single coated and double coated tapes and select the products that meet your needs.